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Wrinkle Reduction and the Secret to Radiant Eyes: Introducing Ameela Eyes

Updated: Jun 26

wrinkle reduction with Ameela eyes

In the quest for wrinkle reduction and youthful, radiant eyes, Ameela from Amedica have introduced a groundbreaking product: Ameela Eyes, a polymerized polynucleotide gel. This innovative eye solution harnesses the power of polynucleotide technology to rejuvenate and revitalise the delicate skin around your eyes. Here's a detailed look at Ameela Eyes and its myriad benefits.

Achieve Wrinkle Reduction with Ameela® Eyes?

Ameela Eyes is a specialised treatment for the under-eye indications from Ameela, formulated with a unique blend of polynucleotides. This polynucleotide under-eyes gel is designed to offer a non-invasive alternative to traditional polynucleotide injections, providing a gentle yet effective treatment for the sensitive under-eye area.

The Power of Polynucleotide to achieve wrinkle reduction around the Eye

Polynucleotides are natural compounds known for their regenerative properties. When used to treat around the eyes, they help with the hydration and repairing the skin, leading to a more youthful and radiant appearance. The polynucleotide treatment in Ameela Eyes specifically targets concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness under the eyes.

The Experts' Opinion

Dr Marwa Ali tells the telegraph earlier in the year that Ameela eyes makes ' a great alternative to rejuvenating the skin under the eyes and for tackling the issue of dark circles and hollowing.' Polynucleotides are also a potential alternative to traditional dermal fillers, "While hyaluronic acid fillers are typically used to treat the under-eye grooves, Ameela works with the body’s DNA. Both treatments promote cellular regeneration and are more recent alternatives to addressing under eye tear troughs' says Claudia Brand, an Aesthetic Nurse at 111 Harley St.

Key benefits of Ameela® Eyes to remember

1. Revitalisation and wrinkle reduction: Ameela Eyes delivers polynucleotides directly into the layers of the skin, revitalising and rejuvenating the under-eye area.

2. Hydration: The gel formulation ensures deep hydration, reducing dryness and making the skin look plumper and more vibrant.

3. Reduction of Fine Lines and wrinkles: Ameela polynucleotide Eyes can lead to a visible reduction in fine lines and periocular wrinkles. 22.5% less wrinkles is achievable after just 3 treatments.

4. Safe and Gentle: Ameela Eyes is safe and can not cause any long term side effects in the tissue. 

Ameela® Eyes Polynucleotide Treatment Reviews and Results

Customers who have used Ameela Eyes report significant improvements in their under-eye skin texture and appearance. The polynucleotide before and after effects are noticeable, with many users experiencing rejuvenated, more youthful-looking eyes and long lasting results. Read more below about this innovative polynucleotide skin booster. If you are looking for further information please read our full F&Q page, or contact us.

FAQs Ameela® Eyes for Wrinkle Reduction

What is Ameela Eyes treatment?

Ameela treatment refers to the use of products like Ameela Eyes and Rejuvenation, which utilise the unique formula of Ameela polynucleotides to rejuvenate and improve skin health in the treatment area.

Is Ameela a Filler?

Does Ameela work?

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