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Ameela® Eyes

Elevate Periocular Care with Ameela Eyes

Targeting the periocular area to diminish eye bags, dark circles, and wrinkles.

Ameela Eyes represents a significant advancement in periocular treatment, offering a sophisticated alternative for healthcare professionals seeking to address common eye area concerns.


Ameela Eyes is specifically designed for the treatment of eyebags, periocular wrinkles, and for enhancing the structural integrity of the skin, offering a more youthful and revitalised appearance.

Mechanism of Action

Ameela Eyes utilises the regenerative properties of polynucleotides, which are natural compounds known for stimulating tissue repair and hydration.


When applied to the periocular area, this polynucleotide gel initiates a bio-restructuration process, leading to the regeneration and biostimulation of the skin.


This results in a noticeable improvement in the appearance of superficial wrinkles and reduction in the prominence of eye bags and dark circles.


Incorporating Ameela Eyes into your practice

Polymerised Polynucleotide Gel

Ameela Eyes offers a non-invasive, highly effective solution for your patients seeking to improve the appearance of their periocular area. Ameela Eyes provides a safe, reliable, and clinically proven option for treating the eye area.

Clinical Applications


Treatment of Eyebags and Periocular Wrinkles


Regenerate the skin surface

Ameela Eyes is highly effective in reducing the visibility of eyebags and smoothing out wrinkles around the eyes.


Bio-restructuration of Deep Tissues

The Ameela Eyes polynucleotide gel promotes deep tissue stimulation, increases microcirculation, Osteoblast stimulation and blocks free radicals. Which results in improvement of skin quality and gives a more youthful appearance of the eye area.

It enhances the structural integrity of the skin, offering a more youthful and revitalised appearance.


 Pre/Post-Surgical Treatment

Ameela Eyes can be used as an adjunct to surgical procedures like blepharoplasty, lifting, and resurfacing laser treatments, aiding in recovery.



Polynucleotide gel in 2ml syringe (7.5mg/ml)
Molecular weight of at least 1000 KDa
Viscosity between 2 - 8 Pa*s (Viscosity
parameter measured pre-sterilisation)
pH between 6.8 and 7.5


Reduced eyebags & periocular wrinkles
Bio-restructuration of deep tissues
Thickens dermo-epidermal tissue
Improvement of superficial wrinkles 


Eyebags and dark circles
Periocular wrinkles
Dehydrated skin
Poor circulation
Product Information
  • What is Ameela®
    Ameela is a viscoelastic, sterile, non-pyrogenic, absorbable intradermal injectable solution, based on polymerized polynucleotides. The polynucleotides used in Ameela are purified, making them free from other components, such as proteins, which can trigger an immune response. It is an innovative and effective way to restore skin firmness and elasticity, and ensure healthy skin that is protected against free radicals and cellular damage.
  • Which product/strength is for which area?
    - For Eyes – Ameela® Eyes or Ameela® Rejuvenation - For Face – Ameela® Rejuvenation or Ameela® Face - For Hair – Ameela® Rejuvenation - For Neck – Ameela® Rejuvenation
  • What is the difference between Nucleadyn and Ameela®?
    There is absolutely no difference between Nucleadyn and Ameela®, we have just rebranded, but the product is exactly the same Ameela® Eyes, Ameela® Rejuvenation and Ameela® Face.
  • When will the product officially change to Ameela® and not Nucleadyn?
    The rebrand will be in place from June 20th - all updated marketing material will be sent out on this date.
  • How do I order moving forward?
    From June 20th 2023 all orders will need to be placed through the new website,
  • If I already have a registered account for Nucleadyn, do I need to re-register for Ameela®?
    If you already have a registered account on the Nucleadyn website, you will be sent new login details to use for Ameela® Skin. If you have not yet registered, please register from the website.
  • What happens if I have old stock of Nucleadyn?
    Please keep using this as normal.
  • What if my clients have received their first treatment of Nucleadyn? Can they have the second treatment with Ameela®?
    This is absolutely fine - it is exactly the same product.
  • Which product should I be promoting?
    Please change all mention of Nucleadyn on your website and social channels to Ameela®. From June 20th we will share access to Instagram content that can be used by all clinics explaining the name change. We can also provide all updated marketing material required post rebrand.
  • Where can I find the rebranded marketing materials, consent forms and presentations?
    All rebranded content will be shared with existing clients, and can be shared with new clients on request.
  • Will Instagram or other any social channels change?
    All social channels will stay exactly the same. You won't need to find or follow any new accounts, we will simply change the name and handles.
  • Who do I contact for help?
    Please get in touch with any further questions or enquiries regarding the rebrand. Email: Office: +44 (0)203 883 7001

DISCOVER Ameela® Eyes

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Sterile and Purified


Deeply Moisturising

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Targets Free Radicals

Regenerates Tissue.png

Regenerates Tissue

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Restores Skin Tone

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