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Acquisition Aesthetics

Polynucleotides Training Course

Theoretical Training: Mastering the Science Behind Polynucleotides

Unlock the secrets of the pioneering Polynucleotide brand Ameela® on the Acquisition Aesthetics Polynucleotides Training Course. Dive into the world of regenerative aesthetic medicine, where science meets beauty, and master the art of delivering natural-looking aesthetic enhancements with cutting-edge technology and techniques.

  • Polynucleotide Science: Gain insights into the science of polymerised polynucleotides, their immediate action against free radicals, and their role in tissue repair and aesthetic enhancement.

  • Product Safety and Purity: Understand the importance of Ameela®’s sterility and non-pyrogenic properties and its unique purification process.

  • Patient Consultation: Learn how to educate and consult with patients, explaining the benefits and potential outcomes of Polynucleotide treatments.

  • Treatment planning: Discover how to integrate Polynucleotides into a holistic treatment plan for your patients, using a range of injectable and non-injectable therapies to produce sustainable and natural looking results and superior aesthetic outcomes.

  • Safe practice: Understand the science of complications with Polynucleotides, learn how to avoid, diagnose and manage complications that may occur through treatment.

  • Ameela® fundamentals: Explore the key features and benefits of Ameela® and how it differs from traditional aesthetic solutions.


Dates and Booking Information

Saturday 14th September 2024

Saturday 23rd November 2024

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