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Incorporating Ameela Face in Aesthetic Clinics: Celebrity Flawless Skin Inspired Results

Updated: Jun 26

Flawless skin by Ameela Face

In the realm of aesthetic beauty, the quest for that quintessential, celebrity-like flawless skin is perpetual. Ameela, the polynucleotide treatment from Amedica, offers results that are often equated with the high standards of celebrities and aesthetic treatment experts alike. So how can we create celebrity inspired results with Ameela Face?

Dr Ashwin Soni, explains to Harpers Bazaar the innovative technology behind Ameela is ‘incredible, it really is a natural way to improve our skins and tissues on a cellular level’. 

As an aesthetician or clinic owner, integrating Ameela range, including the Ameela Face product into your clinics offering can give you a product that not only hydrates the skin like hyaluronic acid skin boosters but that ‘communicate with the cells to make them produce collagen and elastin.’ The allure of celebrity skin lies in its seemingly ageless, radiant, and blemish-free appearance. This level of skin quality is what many clients aspire to achieve, often through a combination of products and devices.

Ameela Face, with its advanced polynucleotide formula, offers a pathway to replicate these sought-after celebrity results. Many celebrities and experienced professionals are already recommending Ameela. Dr Jenny Doyle recently spoke to about how ‘Ameela® stimulates muscle cells, so you get this lift, which you don’t get with the others’. 

Dr Jenny Doyle continued to explain how Ameela ‘ works not just on collagen and elastin, but other cellular pathways. So, in areas where you’ve got poor vasculature, under the eyes for example, you can increase the capillary network.

Doyle goes on to explain how Polynucleotides also scavenge free radicals, which are basically the culmination of ageing – intrinsic and extrinsic factors – and cause damage to the chromosomes.’ This means the skin is able to revitalise itself. 

So Why Choose Ameela Face for Your Clinic?

1. Innovative technology: Ameela Face's unique formulation is different to standard hyaluronic fillers. Ameela’s polynucleotides, as its key ingredient, are derived from salmon DNA, is known for its exceptional compatibility with human skin, promoting deep hydration, improved elasticity, and overall skin rejuvenation.  Polynucleotides are used in regenerative medicine because they have the ability to target free radicals, thus healing itself more effectively. This sets it apart from conventional treatments, offering a more holistic approach to skin health.

2. Visible Results: With consistent treatments, clients can expect a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, enhanced skin tone, and improved elasticity – mirroring the pristine skin often attributed to celebrities. Dr Soni explains that ‘you start to see results quite quickly after the first session’. Then depending on the individual the ‘results last around 6 months on average’. 

3. Safe and Effective: The safety profile of Ameela Face is impeccable, making it a reliable choice for various skin types, including sensitive skin. Its compatibility and minimal risk of adverse reactions are key to its growing popularity. 

Integrating Ameela range into your clinic 


A tailored and customisable treatment. Ameela Face allows for customization in treatment plans, ensuring each client receives a regimen that caters specifically to their skin needs. Ameela Face seamlessly integrates with other aesthetic treatments, enhancing your clinic's ability to offer comprehensive skin care solutions. Dr Johanna Ward explains how she utilities both polynucleotide treatments alone and also in combination with other treatments. ‘The brilliant thing about polynucleotides is that they can be combined with any type of energy treatment’, this is particularly good for dark circles for which the Ameela Eyes product is specifically designed.

Marketing Ameela Face in Your Clinic

Given its potential to deliver celebrity skin results that Jo Froggatt recently experienced, communicating on Ameela’s range should focus on its unique benefits and how the patient feels after the treatment. Highlighting before and after results, client testimonials. The team at Ameela can also provide you with marketing materials and support to get started. 

Want to speak to the team? 

We would love to continue the conversation on Ameela so why not reach out to our friendly team here, or send us a message on instagram


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