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Acquisition Aesthtics

"With Acquisition Aesthetics, aestheticians can now up their game and offer the new generation of injectable treatments that everyone is talking about - Polynucleotides. We're delighted to have partnered with Amedica to train delegates in the use of the pioneering Ameela® range of polynucleotides, proven to deliver impressive results in the rejuvenation of the skin, especially the under-eye area." - Dr Lara Watson: "Committed to staying on the cutting edge of aesthetics training, Acquisition Aesthetics is delighted to launch polynucleotides training courses in collaboration with Amedica in 2024! By combining the innovative rejuvenation technology of Ameela® with gold-standard approaches to aesthetics training and mentorship, Acquisition Aesthetics will be supporting practitioners in delivering holistic treatment plans and enhanced results to their patients. A recipe for sustainable success for any aesthetician - both clinically and commercially." - Dr Lara Watson

Acquisition Aesthetics Polynucleotides Training Course

Unlock the secrets of the pioneering Polynucleotide brand Ameela® on the Acquisition Aesthetics Polynucleotides Training Course.

Dive into the world of regenerative aesthetic medicine, where science meets beauty, and master the art of delivering natural looking skin rejuvenation with cutting-edge technology and techniques.

Saturday 20th January

Sunday 17th March 

Saturday 15th June



Email: or Call/WhatsApp: +44 (0)203 514 8757

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