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Dr Bejma Training Dates
Dr Bejma Ameela Trainer

“My goal is to enhance your best features through an artistic, balanced and considered approach, tailored to your body. Cosmetic treatment isn’t about reversing the ageing process; it’s about releasing the real beauty that’s already in you.” Magdalena is a highly qualified Advanced Medical Aesthetic Practitioner, as well as a GP. She founded Dr Bejma Medical Clinic to enhance the lives of her clients, bringing together some of the Yorkshire region’s premier aesthetic practitioners who provide a carefully selected range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. She’s a passionate advocate of cosmetic treatments, taking a holistic approach to treatment, delivering aesthetic results that compliment the needs and motivations of her clients. Qualifying as a Doctor in 2006, Magdalena spent her years as a Junior Doctor, first in Leicester and then Leeds, where she worked in the highly respected Dermatology Department. Outside of the clinic, she’s a busy mum to two children, a keen skier and a passionate diver.

Dr Magdalena Bejma

General Practitioner & Advanced Medical Aesthetic Practitioner

All training is held at Dr Bejma's clinic in Leeds. To enquire about the upcoming dates, please use the below contact details:



Email: or Call/WhatsApp: +44 (0)7928 161255

Clinic Address:

7 Cottage Road, Headingley

Leeds LS6 4DD

Dr Bejma's training includes: 


Light Eyes

Part 1 - Theory and presentation


Part 2 - Live demonstration


Part 3 - Delegates practical

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