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Looking tired? Ameela is the ‘go-to’ for all-round under-eye treatments

We all want to start a new year feeling fresh and revitalised, however life takes it toll. What can we do to refresh those under-eyes and feel more ourselves?


Mr Porter recently reported the biggest concern of men walking into London’s top aesthetic clinics (according to doctors and practitioners) is ‘looking a little knackered’. Their best for ‘all-round improvement’? Ameela.

Quoted as the ‘Hottest treatment for 2024’ by This Morning’s beauty expert Nadine Baggott. Ameela polynucleotides are one of the most exciting aesthetic industry developments in recent years, promoting natural-looking skin rejuvenation from a source that has proven benefits. But what are polynucleotides and why should you consider them?


Why Ameela is the 'go-to' for all-round under-eye treatment?

Ameela is an injectable solution based on natural polymerised polynucleotides from Salmon DNA. The solution stimulates production of collagen and elastin, which results in a strong lifting and revitalising effect, suitable for all skin types.

As well as triggering tissue regeneration and restoring skin tone and elasticity, Ameela targets free radicals and oxidative stress. The polymeric macromolecules in the product are “scavengers” against free radicals. The chemical structures of the nitrogenous ring on the polynucleotides react immediately with free radicals, which neutralises them. Meaning, your skin is fighting to revitalise itself!

The Ameela product suite fights inflammation and stress while restoring natural youthfulness to the body; it does this with minimal downtime and with an excellent track record. The product for under-eyes? Ameela Eyes.

Ameela can only be administered by trained medical professionals so it’s essential you seek the advice of an expert.

MrPorter spoke with a leading London Oculoplastic surgeon Dr Jennifer Doyle ‘(Ameela) It’s my first go-to for the under eye now’, if someone’s got very deep hollowing and you do that first you’ll need less of the actual filler’.

Ameela is almost mentioned in the 33 way to look and feel your best in the new year you can see the full list here.

How many treatments will I need?

It’s important to note that all individuals require different levels of treatment but typically you will need 2 to 3 sessions, which would be 2 weeks apart with most individuals looking for a top up after 6 months. To see more under eye and other results you can explore our before and afters here.


Interested? How to speak to someone about Ameela

So, want to reduce those dark circles and start feeling your best? Speak to your aesthetic physician about Ameela, or you can contact the team who will direct you to a trained medical practitioner in your area: (T) +44 (0)203 883 7001


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